Mind your Sperm - European Network for Shared Contraception

September 30, 2023
19:00 bis 21:30 Uhr
Zeitraum, ArTik Freiburg, Haslacher Str. 43, 79115 Freiburg

Workshop & Film:
What drives a person with testicles to be contracepted ? 
Why are solutions for "men" not yet widespread? 
And what does it feel like to share this burden in an heterosexual relationship ? 
Through 3 reports and the participation of French comedians, the film "Mind Your Sperm" looks at the journey ofseveral men who have chosen a method of contraception: thermal, vasectomy or hormonal. 

European Network for Shared Contraception (ENSC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raise awareness on the contraceptive burden and the ways to share it. With a main focus on contraception for people with testicules, the association is creating a network of users, professionals and institutions who wants to make this subject move forward. 
Free training for health professional, european boat tour to meet users and pass informations, exhibition, conference... the association use various ways to be in touch with anybody interested by the interest of shared contraception. 


Da wir die Aufgeklärt?!-Veranstaltung größtenteils selbst finanzieren müssen, freuen wir uns über deinen Solibeitrag zwischen . Die gesamten Einnahmen gehen an die Referent:innen und Künstler:innen.

Gefördert durch:
  • Magnus-Hirschfeld-Stiftung & JUPP Freiburg
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von:
  • ArTik Freiburg
Mind your Sperm - European Network for Shared Contraception